I’m hiring! for the best job ever

Bouncin’ Baby Photography is HIRING! This position is for Orem.

I love my career! I say it all the time and it has never been truer than it is today. I am excited to get to share this wonderful experience with new people who want to do what I do. This really is the best job. I get to meet parents in the wonderful after glow of just meeting their new little love. I get to stop time for them and give them images that will forever bring back the amazing feeling of this perfect child entering and forever changing their lives. I get to meet the world newest people and it is fantastic 🙂 If you think this is something you would like to do, please enjoy these images and then read the requirements and description below.

james11 Professional Photography by Bouncin Baby Photography in Utah james8 james13 Forest LG-8366

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Please read carefully and completely. Application at the bottom.

I invest heavily in my photographers ensuring that they can work successfully within the maternity wards of my clients hospitals. Besides the required and standard health care screening/credentialing, I train all photographers in the art of newborn portrait layout and design using high-end digital cameras and equipment.

In this position, photographers will have the opportunity to photograph newborns, build relationships, and present their stunning photos to the new mom and dad! This is a unique position that will allow you to grow both your skills with newborns and your clientele.

Professional photography experience is a plus, but not required.

There are currently two openings in Orem. This is a contracted commission based position. That means, you choose which the days you will work, then the schedule is created accordingly. The shift that I am looking to fill are 3-4 days a week and two weekends a month. Starting at 9:00am until all babies are photographed.

Job Qualifications

  • Must update/keep current on all vaccinations required by the hospital, including TB screening
  • Must pass a pre-employment background/credit screening
  • Strong people interaction, enthusiasm, and high level of energy
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Interest in and learned capabilities with digital camera equipment
  • Ability to work in a flexible work schedule during the weekday and some weekends
  • Motivated, independent, self-starter
  • Comfortable in a hospital environment, working in the maternity wards, and handling newborns
  • Able to work with minimal supervision, while achieving goals successfully
  • Professional photography experience is a plus, but not required

Job Duties & Responsibilities

  • Works effectively and efficiently within the maternity wards of hospitals
  • Commands control of the maternity room working with Moms and Family members
  • Designs and lays out high quality newborn photo shots for the Mom and family
  • Edit images
  • Post and transfer images online
  • Document client info
  • Communicate with me daily

Health Requirements

  • Hep. B series
  • MMR documented 2 doses or titer of all 3
  • TDap: One adult dose required
  • History of Chicken Pox, Varicella titer or  2 documented doses of varicella vaccine
  • Current Flu Shot

If this sounds like you and you would like to apply for one of these amazing opportunities to learn from me and capture babies first photos please fill out this application. Then, email it to cortney@bouncinbabyphotography.com  Please send documentation of all health requirements. I will also send you for a TB and drug screening. If you have example images please send those as well. Thank you!

My reason WHY? – In-hospital Newborn Photography – Fresh 48 – Photograhper Cortney Jones

I often get asked WHY? do I do what I do. And the better one of “I bet you just love your job?” I do, I really really do. Here’s why…

When my daughter was born I was in such awe of her. She made my whole world make sense in a way I don’t think I would understand without her. She is the most amazing thing I have ever created, my greatest accomplishment along with her three brothers. The story we tell her is that she was more beautiful than snow white, so we had to name her Winter.

This is the very first image ever taken of her,

she is less than 24 hours old and sporting the same sort of hospital blankets I have on in my first image after entering this world. The young woman that came into our hospital room to take her photos quickly fell short of capturing her beauty. The “photographer” laid a generic pink and blue plaid paper down on a hard hospital bassinet, put my daughter on top and snapped with a stationary camera that hung above my baby. My daughter’s in-hospital image is very similar to the one above. I asked the “photographer” if she was studying photography or if she wanted to be a nurse, she answered no to both. I then asked her if she loved babies, she responded with “it’s just a job.” I was heart broken that the young woman cared little for photography and seemingly less for my child.

I started doing in-hospital photography for my friends and family after that. I didn’t know what I was doing yet but I knew because I had studied photography and cared about babies; I could do a better job for them than the old way it had been being done for too many years. Soon I contracted with a hospital in Bountiful Utah. Then, when Lone Peak Hospital in Draper was opening they were asking around for all the greatest things in the hospitals around the area. They wanted to put all the best things at this one hospital for mommas. Me! I was one of the best things in the hospitals. Lone Peak contracted with me before they opened there doors to new mothers and I got to photograph the very first babies born there. I am now in several hospitals along the Wasatch Front and have been  for more than seven years.

I really feel like it is such a wonderful privilege to get to visit with families in this very special time at the hospital. I adore meeting all these new little people and getting to capture what they looked like when they made their parents into mommies and daddies.

Even hospitals I am not contracted with, I visit very often to do in-hospital photography for those that have requested my services. My maternity and newborn photography clients get a free in-hospital session when they book their studio newborn session.

   I still take images with the nostalgic pink and blue hospital blanket. But then we do the rest of the session like this… To book your session please contact Cortney Jones cortney@bouncinbabyphotography.com 801-388-3384

Birth Story in the OR – Bountiful Utah – Birth Photography

I am over the moon for this little man! I feel a huge honor when someone invites me to document the birth of their child. The birth of a child is such a beautiful thing; to witness such an experience always has me bubbling with excitement.

Things don’t always go the way you plan; probably more often than not. This babe was supposed to come VBAC after an induction on Monday. I got the call that mom’s water had broke but that she wasn’t having contractions Saturday night. Sunday afternoon the call was made that he would be born via cesarean section. The incredible privilege was mine to get to go into the OR and document this baby boys first moments in this world.

Welcome to the world, baby Beckett.


My passion for birth stories came from my own experience. I had my fourth little love three years ago January and had a photograph capture everything. I am soo thankful she was there. My epidural didn’t work and I am ended up going natural. It wasn’t so bad looking back on it, but at the time I closed my eyes and missed everything! If she hadn’t been there I would have nothing from my experience except my beautiful boy. Birth story photography is something you will never regret having done, but you may regret passing up the opportunity to document this amazing experience.

I am one of a kind and have probably photographed more newborns in the state of Utah than any other photographer. I am up over 2,500 now! Not all of those were birth stories but many many of them were in the hospitals all along the Wasatch front. I am lucky enough to call many nurses, techs, doctors, and employees there my friends. It’s wonderful!
I only take a very limited number (1 or 2) of birth story clients per month. If you have questions or want to know my availability please email me at cortney@bouncinbabyphotography.com.

Double the cuteness – Twins – Farmington Utah

When I have a sleepy baby that does great for the session I am on cloud 9. But is it possible for there to be a cloud 18? I was definitely there. These twins were so great for their session and seriously I could not decide which images to share. There are so many great ones! Lots of love to these two babes. You guys rock!   I will tell you my secrets because you brother will keep them safe.     Ending on a smile was just a little gift this angel decided to give me. Cuteness OVERLOAD!

Garden walk – Pregnancy and maternity photography – Ogden Utah

My favorite quote to describe how I feel about bring little people into the world is by Elizabeth Stone, “Making the decision to have a baby is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” Before they go walking, I am so honored to get to document that they really were once growing inside a beautiful belly.

To book your session please contact Cortney Jones at 801-388-3384 or via email cortney@bouncinbabyphotography.com

Little Book Worm – Newborn Photography – Bountiful Utah

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Playing with Macro – Newborn Photography – Bountiful Studio

I recently added a fun new tool to my photography. The details of a newborn are often the most precious things for their parents. I am glad to be able to better capture them with macro images.eye-lashesfingerfeet1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Little Prince – Newborn Photographer Cortney Jones – Bountiful Utah

When my son come into this world all I could think was he must be the most amazing thing I had ever seen (right up there with his sister born a couple years before him.) I called him my little prince. I wish so badly I had images of him like these with a beautifully handsome crown upon his head.

This sweet prince is lucky to be growing up in a home that so values books and music they immortalized them in his newborn images. Some rare finds, vintage fun, and awesome tunes. A prince of the arts perhaps.


Ogden Regional In-hospital Photography – Professional Photographer Cortney Jones

Ogden Regional Medical Center is near and dear to my heart because I know so many of the wonderful staff and nurses that work there in Women’s Services. It is also where I delivered all four of my children. When I get to go and do photos for another family there, I love being flooded with the memories of my own babies births.
This little guy did so good! If you are delivering at Ogden Regional and want me to come do photos for you, please contact me via email at cortney@bouncinbabyphotography.com or give me a call (801) 388-3384.

These are just a few of the amazing shots we got right in the hospital room when this little prince was just one day old.

James james2 james3 james4 james5 james6

What’s goin’ on little dude?james7 james8 james9 james10 james11

I wuv himjames12 james13 james14

Disney Baby – Bountiful Studio

I love it when clients incorporate a couple things they really love in their photos, it makes for a really personalized and unique session.

One year olds are so active and playful their personality really shines through and Mila has loads of it!  Little Mila-Minnie-Mouse showed off her smile and a little Disney love at her first birthday photo shoot.

First birthday photo shoot with Bouncin Baby Photography. Professional photographer in northern Utah.

First birthday photo shoot with Bouncin Baby Photography. Professional photographer in northern Utah. First birthday photo shoot disney bouncin baby photography utah

Cute little girl in a tutu and Minnie Mouse ears. First birthday photo shoot by Bouncin' Baby Photography Cute little girl in a tutu and Minnie Mouse ears. First birthday photo shoot by Bouncin' Baby Photography Cute little girl in a tutu and Minnie Mouse ears. First birthday photo shoot by Bouncin' Baby Photography mila3 Cute little girl in a tutu and Minnie Mouse ears. First birthday photo shoot by Bouncin' Baby Photography

Thanks Mila for sharing your smile with us!

Bouncin’ Baby Photography provides professional photography services on location, in studio and at the hospital in Utah. From beautiful maternity photography to in hospital studio style newborn sessions and modern child portraits, Bouncin Baby Photography can document your growing family. To schedule an appointment, call 801.388.3384 or emailcortney@bouncinbabyphotography.com. Look forward to hearing from you.