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Thank you for your interest in Bouncin’ Baby Photography. Maternity photography is a great way to remember your pregnancy and I would be honored to help you document this time in your life. Newborn photography is my passion and I would love to capture images of your little one that you will be proud to show off and share with your friends and family. Utilizing natural light and artistic poses, I will captures those first moments you will want to remember forever. The first nuzzles, the first yawns, tiny feet that leave such a huge impression, I capture it all. You have enough to worry about. With me you can relax. Getting great photography for your new bouncinโ€™ baby will be one less thing to worry about. These are not like photos of the past. The images of your baby are ones you will want hang on the walls and tell the whole world about.


Maternity sessions are about 2 hours
Included in the session…
  • On location shoot (within 25 miles of Farmington)
  • Up to 2 outfit changes – I have several beautiful gowns and I am happy to help you figure out what-to-wear if you want
  • Images of mama alone
  • Images of mama with significant other/older children
  • Post Production
  • Password protected online gallery for viewing
Newborn sessions are about 2-3 hours.
Included in those sessions…
  • Save 20% when booked with a maternity session
  • On location shoot (within 25 miles of Farmington)
  • Image of newborn alone
  • Images of newborn with parents/siblings
  • Post Production
  • Password protected online gallery for viewing

You can never schedule your newborn session too early, so we will schedule a tentative date and time and then work on specifics after your babe has arrived.


For your hospital session (that is free when booking either a maternity and/or newborn session) after we talk, add me to the list of people to call or text after the baby is born. I will come to the hospital to capture some of those great moments during your little ones first day, because they are only one-day-old for one day.


In preparation for your sessions please read on the blog Preparing for your sessions.


If you are desiring something specific please just communicate it to me and I am happy to try and work it in. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to drop me a line 801.388.3384 or cortney@bouncinbabyphotography.com. Look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. Hi, I was just wondering how much you charge for Maternity & Newborn sessions. I am not due until.the first part of December but would love to have some pictures done. Please get back to me soon. Thanks

    • Hi Cortney I am due June 18th and wanted to know about prices and if you would be able to come to McKay Dee hospital to do the newborn photos. My first born they had someone come and do it. But I have herd that the hospital does not offer that any more.

  2. Hi Courtney! Are you still taking newborn pictures? I am 37 weeks pregnant and am looking for a photographer. I am one of the night nurses at Lakeview and everybody says you’re the best! I am wondering how much you charge for a newborn session, and what the package includes. I would love to hear back as soon as possible so that I can decide what to do! Thanks!!

  3. I stumbled upon your website and now I cant remember how, but I have enjoyed looking through everything. I am wondering how much you charge to be at the hospital for the whole birth story? that is something I missed out onwith my daughter… (my sister in law is an amatuer with a nice camera and took hundreds of shots, only to realize she had no card!!!! I was devestated) anyway, its something im very interested in, but I definitely need to know how much you charge…..

    • Hey Jennifer!
      Birth story photography is so amazing, I’m sad to hear about your experience. I will email you all the info about Birth story photography and I look forward to hearing more from you.


  4. I want someone to do a full birth story for my second baby, I had one for my first and loved it! we just moved to Layton on will be delivering at lakeview hospital I am due the end of January and was wondering about your pricing and packages thanks!

    • Kaylyn,

      Just checking in to see if you got my email? I am due at the end of Jan. so I will not be able to do a birth story then, but I recommended a few photographers in my email. Good luck with everything!

  5. Hi! Found your blog & am loving your style! I am not yet pregnant, but we will soon be trying for our fourth & would love to hire a birth photographer. Please email me more info & pricing.

  6. Hi Cortney,
    I am wondering about your pricing for a newborn session. I’m not interested in maternity, just the newborn and if it includes digital images, or of they are for purchase, etc. . . ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank,

    • Hey Michelle!
      I would love to talk to you more about everything. Please give me a call so we can chat 801.388.3384 I am happy to answer all of your questions and we can figure out together exactly what you need. I will email you too ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hi, I am due August 24 and I’m just wondering about availability and pricing on birth story photos. I will be delivering at Ogden regional.
    Thanks! Your work is beautiful!

  8. I’m interested in scheduling my newborn photo shoot with you and would like to know the pricings and also availability. I’m due August 31. I’d love if you could email me back with some more info.

  9. Can I also get pricing information on your packages? I’m not due til September but trying to get things set up. Thanks!

  10. Could I get pricing information on your newborn packages? Iโ€™m due the end of May and I want to try and find someone if you are still taking newborn photos.

  11. Could I get pricing information on your maternity packages? My friend is hoping to have some done soon and I’m trying to find the perfect person to do them. Also, I see that you offer gowns to use, do you have any black gowns?

  12. Hi Cortney. I love your pictures and am hoping to get pricing information on your maternity and new born packages. As well as pricing for prints. I am due at the end of July but like to plan ahead when I can. Please let me know, Thank you.

  13. Hello. I am having a baby at the end of June. Could you please send me the pricing for newborn session. And I Want a photo with sibling and us parents.
    Thank you

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