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I am over the moon for this little man! I feel a huge honor when someone invites me to document the birth of their child. The birth of a child is such a beautiful thing; to witness such an experience always has me bubbling with excitement.

Things don’t always go the way you plan; probably more often than not. This babe was supposed to come VBAC after an induction on Monday. I got the call that mom’s water had broke but that she wasn’t having contractions Saturday night. Sunday afternoon the call was made that he would be born via cesarean section. The incredible privilege was mine to get to go into the OR and document this baby boys first moments in this world.

Welcome to the world, baby Beckett.


My passion for birth stories came from my own experience. I had my fourth little love three years ago January and had a photograph capture everything. I am soo thankful she was there. My epidural didn’t work and I am ended up going natural. It wasn’t so bad looking back on it, but at the time I closed my eyes and missed everything! If she hadn’t been there I would have nothing from my experience except my beautiful boy. Birth story photography is something you will never regret having done, but you may regret passing up the opportunity to document this amazing experience.

I am one of a kind and have probably photographed more newborns in the state of Utah than any other photographer. I am up over 2,500 now! Not all of those were birth stories but many many of them were in the hospitals all along the Wasatch front. I am lucky enough to call many nurses, techs, doctors, and employees there my friends. It’s wonderful!
I only take a very limited number (1 or 2) of birth story clients per month. If you have questions or want to know my availability please email me at

Little Book Worm – Newborn Photography – Bountiful Utah

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Little Prince – Newborn Photographer Cortney Jones – Bountiful Utah

When my son come into this world all I could think was he must be the most amazing thing I had ever seen (right up there with his sister born a couple years before him.) I called him my little prince. I wish so badly I had images of him like these with a beautifully handsome crown upon his head.

This sweet prince is lucky to be growing up in a home that so values books and music they immortalized them in his newborn images. Some rare finds, vintage fun, and awesome tunes. A prince of the arts perhaps.


Atticus Turns 1 – Bountiful Studio – Photographer Cortney Jones

Happy First Birthday Atticus!!
That hair swirl… those blue eyes!
Take a moment and just soak this little guy in…
Bouncin baby photography first birthday photo session utah

atticus First birthday portrait session bouncin baby photography

Of course, it’s not a proper party without cake and balloons! These props made this photo session extra fun (and delicious). Dig in, buddy!

First birthday photography session atticus


First birthday photo session by bouncin baby photography

first birthday Messy face messy hair bouncin baby photography

Messy face first birthday bouncin baby photography

Bouncin’ Baby Photography provides professional photography services on location, in studio and at the hospital in Utah. To schedule an appointment, call 801.388.3384 or email Look forward to hearing from you.

Happy second birthday kiddo! – Child Photography – Bountiful Studio

This handsome man is turning two! He’s got loads of personality and it was great to capture some of it on camera. With dimples like these, this kid is gonna be a serious heartbreaker. Happy birthday, buddy.

2nd birthday number two bouncin baby photography professional child photography by bouncin' baby photo in utah boy turns two professional photography by bouncin baby photography near salt lake city utah boy turns two bouncin' baby photography

bouncin baby photography professional child and family photography in utah

second birthday bouncin baby photography in utah

Bouncin’ Baby Photography provides professional photography services on location, in studio and at the hospital in Utah. To schedule an appointment, call 801.388.3384 or email Look forward to hearing from you.

Curious as George – One-year-old Photography – Layton Utah

Happy little baby, my how you have grown! I know it’s totally the hair but seriously he looks so much older than one. I love seeing babies I photographed as newborns come back as they grow. It makes the little mother inside of me smile; they made it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!

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Third times the charm because you had it right all along – Eden Newborn Photography – Life Style Session

When I first met this family they were expecting their first baby. A BOY! We immediately bonded over a love for unique names, speaking frank, and a mutual affection for loving this crazy wonderful life. Three boys later it all still holds true. Life is crazy and oh so wonderful! And you better believe this one has got a fabulous name!!

3brothers belly love blue eyes brothers cutiefamily dad daddy and his boy sweet baby  I see you mom mommy and me mommy mountains scale sleeper sleeper2 sleepy snuggly  tentfamily2 window light

Soo Adorable – Newborn Photographer Cortney Jones – Farmington Utah

When I first meet this little guys older brother I wanted to steal him. He has the most stunning blue eye and he is completely adorable. I am such a sucker for blue eyes. With two beautiful older sisters too, I knew he was going to be breathtakingly handsome. He exceeded my expectations.


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Love this family!


As you can see he totally slept through the whole thing not even giving me a glimpse of his gorgeous eyes. Maybe next time!!

A Prince is born – Newborn Photography – Bountiful Utah

Every session is a little different. Every baby has their own way of doing things. Little man here had no trouble letting me know, he liked being awake and he wanted to know what I thought I was going to be doing with him that day. Actually he was very sweet and didn’t give me any attitude at all 🙂

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It wasn’t long at all before mamas milk and my secret baby methods had him sleeping like a champ.

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He caught me changing the scenery!

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Wow look at those amazing in-hospital photos! I wonder who took those? 😛 Me, I did of course!

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Little prince did so well. His mom and I had a lovely conversation while he slept and he let me get so many great shots of him.

Now I’m 1! – Child Photography – Cortney Jones

My love and I tried four times for a blue eyed baby. Not a one of our monsters has my family’s beautiful blue eyes. Lucky for me, I get to photograph little ones like this handsome stud muffin. LOOK AT HIS EYES! Oh they are to die for, so so stunning.

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Loved his little matching outfit for the cake smash! Too cute. His mama said she found it on Etsy. Happy Birthday buddy 🙂