Double the cuteness – Twins – Farmington Utah

When I have a sleepy baby that does great for the session I am on cloud 9. But is it possible for there to be a cloud 18? I was definitely there. These twins were so great for their session and seriously I could not decide which images to share. There are so many great ones! Lots of love to these two babes. You guys rock!   I will tell you my secrets because you brother will keep them safe.     Ending on a smile was just a little gift this angel decided to give me. Cuteness OVERLOAD!

Born Together, Best Friends Forever – Farmington Twin Newborn Photography – Cortney Jones

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The in between moments – Family Photography – Farmington Utah

Yes, we did get a few picture perfect family photos. But really I love all the ones that are the in between moments. A lot of my family sessions are parents playing with their children, enjoying them, showing them how to do something, or just letting the kids be kids. Nothing to stress about, we just have a good time 🙂

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Chandelier and Lights in the woods – Maternity Photography – Farmington

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This location is one of my all time favorites. It is private property I had to get permission to shoot on. I call it the secret garden. Sometimes I show up for a session and there are the most beautiful elements in the trees. This time there was a chandelier and lights hung. It was perfectly magical.

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Soo Adorable – Newborn Photographer Cortney Jones – Farmington Utah

When I first meet this little guys older brother I wanted to steal him. He has the most stunning blue eye and he is completely adorable. I am such a sucker for blue eyes. With two beautiful older sisters too, I knew he was going to be breathtakingly handsome. He exceeded my expectations.


This is big brother.1 2 3

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Love this family!


As you can see he totally slept through the whole thing not even giving me a glimpse of his gorgeous eyes. Maybe next time!!

Cutest little face I ever did see – 3 month milestone photos – Farmington Utah

Sweet adorable Bon Bon. I constantly look back and think, why didn’t I take more photos. I’M A PHOTOGRAPHER!! Each mile stone is so much fun and such a huge accomplishment for baby.

Look how strong she is getting.bon bon

She watches everything you do.bon bon2

The smile! All those hard nights and crazy days matter not when she flashes that smile. The smile that melts the worst moments away.bon bon3

She utterly adores her mama and loves interacting with her. bon bon4

Good job figuring out those little hands miss! Everyday you are more and more amazing.

ONE – Farmington Baby Photography – Child Photographer Cortney Jones

I love to meet new people and get to be apart of their lives. This little cutie found me at the pool. While her mom and I waited for the older kids doing swim lessons, she liked checking out my little 6 month old Dutch. She was very independent and not shy one bit. Look at this ‘secret garden’ we got to shoot in. I’m so in love with it! Beautiful baby, beautiful location, swoon.










Airport Connection – Utah Maternity Photography

Back in February I was back East visiting with my family and friends to celebrate my 30th birthday. I had a great trip and our whole family of 5 traveled across the country. On our return we had a connecting flight. At the ticket counter my daughter noticed a woman that was pregnant and began talking to her. She is a very friendly child and tends to talk to everyone. Then as luck would have it the mama to be sat in the row behind me. After our flight and we were beginning to leave the plane I handed her one of my cards and said maternity and newborn photography is what I do 🙂 She was very hesitant and said she was afraid of maternity photography. We didn’t have much time to chat because it was time to go, but again as luck would have it, she did look my business up on facebook. Just in time for her to see I was talking about this cute mama I had met in the airport and ask the question to my likers, what is there to be afraid of. She even responded. She and I actually have friends in common, girls and guys we both knew in college, so I never even thought that she was the mama I had met at the airport, ha ha. Long story I know, but it just goes to show, you never know who you may already know.

Here are the mama I met in the airport in her adorable maternity photos. She totally rocked her session and was so beautiful with her proud belly and handsome hubby. I am thrilled that she called me and let me show her there is nothing to be scared of when it comes to maternity photography.

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Such a wonderful couple to photograph and I am so honored I got to be apart of their special time.

Cha Cha is One! – Children Photography

Cha cha! When I get to do a birth story, newborn photos, mile stones, and one-year-old photos for my clients, I feel super close to being one of the family. Seeing how much this little one has grown over the past year and how beautiful she is becoming…gosh it makes me long for another baby girl. Settle down loins, you maxed out at four babies and are just fine, haha.

Happy birthday Charlotte!

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Spring Mini-Sessions – Northern Utah Photographer Cortney Jones

spring mini 2013

Finally! the weather is warming up and I am so happy because that means I can send my kiddos outside to play. Mama needs a quiet minute every once and awhile 🙂

It also means we can get out and do beautiful spring photos. Mini sessions are a great way to update the family photo, get some great shots of the kids that aren’t the school mug shots, and capture those sweet memories that are passing all too fast.

Call or Email me to book a session.

Be happy! Life is good 🙂