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I often get asked WHY? do I do what I do. And the better one of “I bet you just love your job?” I do, I really really do. Here’s why…

When my daughter was born I was in such awe of her. She made my whole world make sense in a way I don’t think I would understand without her. She is the most amazing thing I have ever created, my greatest accomplishment along with her three brothers. The story we tell her is that she was more beautiful than snow white, so we had to name her Winter.

This is the very first image ever taken of her,

she is less than 24 hours old and sporting the same sort of hospital blankets I have on in my first image after entering this world. The young woman that came into our hospital room to take her photos quickly fell short of capturing her beauty. The “photographer” laid a generic pink and blue plaid paper down on a hard hospital bassinet, put my daughter on top and snapped with a stationary camera that hung above my baby. My daughter’s in-hospital image is very similar to the one above. I asked the “photographer” if she was studying photography or if she wanted to be a nurse, she answered no to both. I then asked her if she loved babies, she responded with “it’s just a job.” I was heart broken that the young woman cared little for photography and seemingly less for my child.

I started doing in-hospital photography for my friends and family after that. I didn’t know what I was doing yet but I knew because I had studied photography and cared about babies; I could do a better job for them than the old way it had been being done for too many years. Soon I contracted with a hospital in Bountiful Utah. Then, when Lone Peak Hospital in Draper was opening they were asking around for all the greatest things in the hospitals around the area. They wanted to put all the best things at this one hospital for mommas. Me! I was one of the best things in the hospitals. Lone Peak contracted with me before they opened there doors to new mothers and I got to photograph the very first babies born there. I am now in several hospitals along the Wasatch Front and have been  for more than seven years.

I really feel like it is such a wonderful privilege to get to visit with families in this very special time at the hospital. I adore meeting all these new little people and getting to capture what they looked like when they made their parents into mommies and daddies.

Even hospitals I am not contracted with, I visit very often to do in-hospital photography for those that have requested my services. My maternity and newborn photography clients get a free in-hospital session when they book their studio newborn session.

   I still take images with the nostalgic pink and blue hospital blanket. But then we do the rest of the session like this… To book your session please contact Cortney Jones 801-388-3384

Birth Story in the OR – Bountiful Utah – Birth Photography

I am over the moon for this little man! I feel a huge honor when someone invites me to document the birth of their child. The birth of a child is such a beautiful thing; to witness such an experience always has me bubbling with excitement.

Things don’t always go the way you plan; probably more often than not. This babe was supposed to come VBAC after an induction on Monday. I got the call that mom’s water had broke but that she wasn’t having contractions Saturday night. Sunday afternoon the call was made that he would be born via cesarean section. The incredible privilege was mine to get to go into the OR and document this baby boys first moments in this world.

Welcome to the world, baby Beckett.


My passion for birth stories came from my own experience. I had my fourth little love three years ago January and had a photograph capture everything. I am soo thankful she was there. My epidural didn’t work and I am ended up going natural. It wasn’t so bad looking back on it, but at the time I closed my eyes and missed everything! If she hadn’t been there I would have nothing from my experience except my beautiful boy. Birth story photography is something you will never regret having done, but you may regret passing up the opportunity to document this amazing experience.

I am one of a kind and have probably photographed more newborns in the state of Utah than any other photographer. I am up over 2,500 now! Not all of those were birth stories but many many of them were in the hospitals all along the Wasatch front. I am lucky enough to call many nurses, techs, doctors, and employees there my friends. It’s wonderful!
I only take a very limited number (1 or 2) of birth story clients per month. If you have questions or want to know my availability please email me at

Ogden Regional In-hospital Photography – Professional Photographer Cortney Jones

Ogden Regional Medical Center is near and dear to my heart because I know so many of the wonderful staff and nurses that work there in Women’s Services. It is also where I delivered all four of my children. When I get to go and do photos for another family there, I love being flooded with the memories of my own babies births.
This little guy did so good! If you are delivering at Ogden Regional and want me to come do photos for you, please contact me via email at or give me a call (801) 388-3384.

These are just a few of the amazing shots we got right in the hospital room when this little prince was just one day old.

James james2 james3 james4 james5 james6

What’s goin’ on little dude?james7 james8 james9 james10 james11

I wuv himjames12 james13 james14

Karee – In-Hospital Newborn Photographer

You guys!! I want to introduce someone to you all. These beautiful images were all taken by an amazing person and a blossoming photographer named Karee. Karee started doing photography for Bouncin’ Baby Photography about 9 months ago. She has an eye for photography and does such a great job with these little ones! I am so happy and proud to have her as a part of my team. Karee has been such a blessing. Not only is she rocking the photography side of things but she also help me run this crazy business and keeps us pushing forward. Lots of parents know Karee and have gotten to work with her and now hang her beautiful images on their walls. Thank you Karee for being you!

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Birth Story Photography – Ogden Regional – Cortney Jones

After meeting these sweet parents, I knew this birth story was going to be one of my all time favorites. I always say I am so honored to be apart of these moments with people and I really really am. I genuinely feel like I am so lucky and without words to describe how amazing it is to get to do what I love and document another persons new little love taking their first breath, feeling the air for the first time, seeing their mother with their fuzzy vision, and watching that recognition that babies have when they hear their mother’s voice. The moments that I capture are without compare.

Thank you so much for inviting me be apart of this amazing time in your life.


Lovely little Lulu – In-hospital photography

You can already see that this little girl is LOVED!


Almost makes me want to have 5, almost 😉

lucie1  lucie3 lucie4 lucie5lucie2

Rings on toes – Newborn photography Bountiful, Utah

rings on toes

A classic image that every parent should have of their babies little tootsies.

Birth Story Photography FAQ – Northern Utah Birth Photography

Unlike a lot of other photographers I am very familiar with all the hospitals along the Wasatch front. I have been doing in-hospital photography sessions for more than 3 years at every hospital from Timpanogos to Logan. I visit many weekly and I am contracted with Lake View Hospital in Bountiful to take care of all the babies born there.
Don’t just tell your child how their story began, show them! Here are some of the questions I get about Birth Story Photography.
Why should we hire a birth photographer? This is an amazing experience that is well worth documenting. With me there you can relax. I won’t miss a thing. Having me at your birth will allow your husband or other friends and family members to spend their time supporting you during this momentous occasion, instead of worrying about trying to capture all of the very important shots of the day. They will be able to enjoy the experience and participate much more if they are not just watching it unfold from behind the viewfinder of your camera.
When is it best to book our birth photography “session”? Since I only attend a certain number of births per month it is best to reserve your spot as soon as you know you would like me to be there. I am often fully booked at least two months in advance, however, that might not always be the case, so if you are interested in having me at your birth and it is coming up soon please contact me as soon as possible because I may still have an opening!
I’m (or more than likely your husband, partner, or labor coach) is nervous about having someone they don’t know in the room with us. How can I convince them you won’t be intrusive? I would love to grab and herbal tea or hot chocolate with both you and your husband to discuss your wishes and concerns. I do understand that not everyone wants a photographer to be present at this intimate and private experience. Let’s sit down and talk, let’s see if we are a good fit for each other. In many cases this is a great way for you to see I am a really laid back person (although super excited for you.) Honestly, I am happy to sit quietly while you labor and click your direction when needed 🙂 And you probably won’t even see or hear me when it’s time.


How many births do you photograph per month? I limit myself to two, that is why it is so important to reserve your spot as soon as possible.

gg-1 g-1

  When do you arrive at the hospital/home/birth center? Every labor and delivery is different and so deciding on when I should arrive is something we will discuss in our consultation. I like to arrive when you are a 5 or 6, but it all depends on a few things. We will talk about if this is your first baby, how other deliveries went, how you feel, what you want, and much more. I have been there from the time mama arrives for a few 🙂

Are hospitals and Doctors ok with you in the hospital room? It is important to ask the Dr. and facility what their policy is on a photographer being present. I have never had a problem with any hospital staff member not being ok with me being there. I am very aware of how things work at the hospitals and know how to stay out of the way 😉bb-1
What if you don’t get there in time? I will be there as long as you keep me informed about what is going on. Sometimes labors happen quickly, VERY quickly. My clients have to do a great job at informing me when their contractions start (even if they are days before the real thing) and what is going on throughout the process and because of this I have yet to miss a birth. I am a worrier so I always err on the safe side so that you won’t be sorry. I like to be on location hours before your baby is born. If you have a precipitous labor and rapid birth, I will still come to capture the story. Hospital photographs of the first hours of your baby’s life are priceless. I have never not been there in time 🙂
What if I end up having an emergency C-section? Every hospital and Dr. have their own policies about letting photographers into the operating room. If this is a big concern for you, talk to your doctor and the hospital about your wishes. The actual birth of your child is a small part of the entire story, and even stories where I am not allowed into the operating room are beautiful, amazing and emotional. It is all portions of your child’s story, and it is a wonderful story. You can see an example of such a case HERE.
What if I end up having to have a scheduled C-section? You are more likely you will be able to get approval for a photographer to be present in the operating room as you will know the facility, Dr., and anesthesiologist working at the time. More importantly, just because you are having a scheduled C-section doesn’t mean there is no longer a story to be told.
 What happens if I go into labor at 2am? Call me! My phone is on and on me all day and all night. Call me, that is what you have hired me for.
How long do you stay after the birth? I am usually there for another 2-3 hours after. There are many first moments that are all part of the story. I will be there to capture them for you.
What is included in my collection? Are albums, prints and other products, aside from what is included with my collection, available for purchase? Your collection includes a digital slideshow set to music, all digital images on a CD/DVD, and an 8×10 print.*

Yes. After your images are viewed by you and delivered you have up to the length of your online gallery to purchase additional products. Grandparents, friends, and other family members are welcome to purchase from the online gallery as well with your permission.

 *Additionally if you schedule a newborn session you receive 4×6 prints for all images from your birth story and 10% toward images from your newborn session.
*As of Decemeber 2012 I have also decided to start offering a set of 30 low resolution, watermarked digital images for use on Facebook, blogs, web…
When will I receive the images and the products in my collection? Digital images and the included slideshow are delivered 1-2 weeks following the birth of your child. If you decide to add an albums 3-4 weeks after proofs are approved. They are custom designed and custom bound so perfection take a bit of time.

Do you offer gift certificates? Yes, I do. Contact me to get information on purchasing one.

 If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to email me or comment below, I’m happy to answer any you might have!


Magic – In-Hospital Photography Northern Utah

When I was done for the day at the hospital, after many many end of the year babies, one of the wonderful nurses asked me if I made any magic happened?


What do you think? 😉 Happy New Year!

12 days of Holiday Fun! On the twelfth day…

twelfth last chance