Birth Story in the OR – Bountiful Utah – Birth Photography

I am over the moon for this little man! I feel a huge honor when someone invites me to document the birth of their child. The birth of a child is such a beautiful thing; to witness such an experience always has me bubbling with excitement.

Things don’t always go the way you plan; probably more often than not. This babe was supposed to come VBAC after an induction on Monday. I got the call that mom’s water had broke but that she wasn’t having contractions Saturday night. Sunday afternoon the call was made that he would be born via cesarean section. The incredible privilege was mine to get to go into the OR and document this baby boys first moments in this world.

Welcome to the world, baby Beckett.


My passion for birth stories came from my own experience. I had my fourth little love three years ago January and had a photograph capture everything. I am soo thankful she was there. My epidural didn’t work and I am ended up going natural. It wasn’t so bad looking back on it, but at the time I closed my eyes and missed everything! If she hadn’t been there I would have nothing from my experience except my beautiful boy. Birth story photography is something you will never regret having done, but you may regret passing up the opportunity to document this amazing experience.

I am one of a kind and have probably photographed more newborns in the state of Utah than any other photographer. I am up over 2,500 now! Not all of those were birth stories but many many of them were in the hospitals all along the Wasatch front. I am lucky enough to call many nurses, techs, doctors, and employees there my friends. It’s wonderful!
I only take a very limited number (1 or 2) of birth story clients per month. If you have questions or want to know my availability please email me at

Lovely little Lulu – In-hospital photography

You can already see that this little girl is LOVED!


Almost makes me want to have 5, almost 😉

lucie1  lucie3 lucie4 lucie5lucie2

Rings on toes – Newborn photography Bountiful, Utah

rings on toes

A classic image that every parent should have of their babies little tootsies.

Magic – In-Hospital Photography Northern Utah

When I was done for the day at the hospital, after many many end of the year babies, one of the wonderful nurses asked me if I made any magic happened?


What do you think? 😉 Happy New Year!

12 days of Holiday Fun! On the sixth day…

It just keeps getting better and better! I have had several people call me every day ha ha.

*if scheduled ASAP for the first person to call me with a baby being born Dec.20-24 or Dec.26-Jan.2

Most people don’t know I do birth stories. There is a very good reason for that. I do very few of them a year. With three children of my own, a very busy business, and a husband that works full time and runs his own business, I just can’t take on more than that 🙂 But here’s the good news for one very lucky mama. My husband has off work for the holidays. Just giving away one!

What a face! – Utah Newborn In-Hospital Photography

Handsome little man was quiet and awake for his session. I had him wrapped up super tight and he was loving it, but he just had to pull that one hand out. It was like he was saying, ha ha, I got it out 🙂

Baby B – Birth Story Photography by Cortney Jones

Welcome to the world little man! I got the call in the morning and arrived at the hospital where things were steady and easy going. A little while later mama got her epidural and was feeling good. Everything happened pretty fast after that. Mama went from a 6 to a 10 in no time at all and then it was show time. Mama works in the Women Services unit so everyone there knew her and cares for her. It made for an extra special birth. That tear that runs down her face after baby boy is placed on her chest makes me chock-up every time. He was quite literally perfect as her scored a 10 on his evaluations, go baby go!

Every birth story I have been apart of has been amazing.

In-Hospital Newborn Photography

Cortney Jones brings her experience as an on-location newborn portrait and maternity photographer right to your hospital room to create amazing portraits of the newest addition to your family. Often using the window to take advantage of that great natural light, the portrait session takes place right in front of you. While your baby is the star of this portrait session, any special blankets, hats, or accessories are a welcome addition during the session. Portraits with mom, dad, or other family members can also be accommodated.

If your hospital is contracted with Bouncin’ Baby Photography there is no need to arrange your photo-shoot ahead of time.  Your professional mini photo-shoot will take place in the comfort of your hospital room. Online viewing and ordering is available for 2 weeks to anyone with whom you choose to share your password.

If your hospital is not contracted with Bouncin’ Baby simply call 801.333.3384.  You can book and schedule a session then I will come to your hospital or home within a day or two of your baby’s birth.


Most baby gifts are only used for a few weeks before baby grows out of them.  So, if you’re a grandparent to be, or a friend, consider giving a unique and thoughtful gift that will be enjoyed for generations.

Hospital newborn sessions are truly special.  The birth of a baby and the precious days that follow are full of breathtaking moments.  As parents, we know how precious those first days are and how quickly they pass, which is why we strive to document the tiny newborn features as they first appear.  Close-ups of baby, tiny hands and toes, and bonding moments with family are priceless memories that we capture during your session.  The newborn stage passes in breathtaking moments and upscale, professional photography will keep those memories flourishing for years to come.

Newborn photos are never scheduled too early. Call Bouncin’ Baby Photography if and when you know your baby’s due date to schedule an in-hospital appointment.  If you have a scheduled delivery date or for priority scheduling, please send me an e-mail at or give me a call at 801.388.3384 to let me know your due date and place of delivery. Add me to your list of people to call or text after the baby is born and we’ll set up the actual session.


If you would prefer to do your session in the comfort of your own home, newborn sessions should be conducted within 2 weeks of baby’s arrival.

A $50 deposit fee applies to any newborn or hospital session, for immediate family only.  Additional session fees will apply to sessions outside the 30-mile radius of Farmington Utah.

TIPS for a great photo shoot
In order to best prepare for your newborn photo session, please keep the following suggestions in mind:

–  Bring your favorite baby blanket or afghan from home for use in the photo shoot. Textured blankets look great!  Fuzzy, fluffy and soft photograph very well, and the blanket should be a solid color or have a very simple pattern. Bring a blanket for use as a background or to swaddle your baby.

–  I love to include parent’s hands in our photos.  Wear clear or neutral polish on the day of your shoot.  I want your baby to be the focus of the photos.7

–  Bring a solid black, brown or grey shirt or cami  for you to wear in photos.  We may photograph your baby in your arms.  These colors look great in both color and black and white prints.

–  I usually photograph baby in just a diaper. Newborns tend to swim in newborn size outfits so there is not need to bring a outfit for your session.  Hats and headbands make an adorable addition to any photo.

–  Boppy® pillows or other support pillows can be a good positioning aid for baby.


–  Your baby’s portrait session will also be posted on our password-protected online gallery for easy sharing with family and friends for 2 weeks.

I would love to be apart of your special time at the hospital. Please give me a call to schedule a tentative date for your session 801.388.3384

Hospital Cuties – Lake View Hospital, Bountiful Utah

While I photograph babies in hospitals all over northern Utah, I especially adore Lake View Hospital. I am there almost every day capturing these new little lifes when they are only one and two days old.  Here are just a few recent ones.