Garden walk – Pregnancy and maternity photography – Ogden Utah

My favorite quote to describe how I feel about bring little people into the world is by Elizabeth Stone, “Making the decision to have a baby is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” Before they go walking, I am so honored to get to document that they really were once growing inside a beautiful belly.

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Mother Daughter Maternity Session

Just couldn’t get enough of this pair in a mother-daughter maternity session.  We’ve got one lucky mama because sweet girl is going to make the best big sister.

bouncin baby photography maternity session

maternity mother daughter session sweet kiss bouncin baby photography

Maternity portrait session utah with daughter

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Chandelier and Lights in the woods – Maternity Photography – Farmington

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This location is one of my all time favorites. It is private property I had to get permission to shoot on. I call it the secret garden. Sometimes I show up for a session and there are the most beautiful elements in the trees. This time there was a chandelier and lights hung. It was perfectly magical.

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Confidence is Beautiful – Maternity Photography – Layton Utah

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Life style maternity – Eden, UT – Photographer Cortney Jones

What is it like to have two boys and one on the way? “It’s wonderful!” You have probably seen this gorgeous mama on the blog before because I have a love affair with photographing her and her fantastic adorable family. She is one of the kindest, funny, loving, all around amazing moms that I know. Being around her makes me happy. Her sunbeam smile and contagious positive energy is completely addictive. After totally inviting myself to her home we had a delightful life style maternity session. Life is busy with two little ones. I was honored to get a peak at their day-to-day life. Honestly anyone who bakes muffins on a regular basis with their kids and lets them run around day after day in their spider man and captain america outfits…you know is soo winning at the whole mom thing.


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More to come of the little man that has already joined their family.

Morgan in Morgan – Maternity Photography – Cortney Jones

Pregnancy is so amazing. Our bodies grow another human being! It’s so crazy to think that we all took that journey and our mother’s are capable of so much. This mama is so beautiful and was so much fun during her pregnancy session. The two littles that she is growing are so lucky to have her and her husband as parents.

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You are so beautiful! I love this last shot so much. Just that quiet reflection about what is about to come.

Sisters – Ogden Maternity Photography

Sisters having there first babies. What a joy! My own sister and I have our little girls just a few months apart. Now these two beauties will have the same, two sisters having little girl cousins just a few months apart. So much fun!

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If you and your sister or friend are having babies close together give me a call. 801.388.3384 We can combine the sessions! This is a special I am only offering to sisters and ‘sisters.’

Deserving Mama Contest 2014

Calling all dads, daughters, sons, grandmas, grandpas, and heck, even yourself! As moms, you are ALL deserving of an amazing collection of photography, but I am looking for that one special mom. You know the one… she’s that lady that amazes you by how she seems to “do it all.” Maybe she’s had to overcome a trying circumstance and came out stronger because of it. Maybe she gives all she is to her family and everyone else around her, truly giving meaning to the word ‘selfless.’

If this sounds like someone you know, then do for her what she’s done for those around her…take a few minutes and try to make her mother’s day the best one yet!h3h1

Write (in 700 words or less!) why your mom deserves this photography collection. Out of the thousands of mothers around, the top 3 stories, as voted on by Bouncin’ Baby Photography Fans, will be announced on May 1st on Bouncin’ Baby’s facebook page. Once the finalists are announced, the winner will be chosen by me randomly and announced the following day.

..and remember, if you don’t enter her, you’ll never know if her story could have been “the one!”

The Prize

Session (family, boudoir, portrait, glamour, maternity, anything where mom would be a key focus,) Prints, Digital Images with Printing Privileges, and more!

To Enter

1) Post you deserving mom story on the Bouncin’ Baby Photography facebook page.

2) Tag those mentioned in your post.

3) Tell everyone to vote by liking your story.

4) Comment here so I know you have posted.

Good luck!


For entering yourself or another deserving mama, you get 25% off
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Airport Connection – Utah Maternity Photography

Back in February I was back East visiting with my family and friends to celebrate my 30th birthday. I had a great trip and our whole family of 5 traveled across the country. On our return we had a connecting flight. At the ticket counter my daughter noticed a woman that was pregnant and began talking to her. She is a very friendly child and tends to talk to everyone. Then as luck would have it the mama to be sat in the row behind me. After our flight and we were beginning to leave the plane I handed her one of my cards and said maternity and newborn photography is what I do 🙂 She was very hesitant and said she was afraid of maternity photography. We didn’t have much time to chat because it was time to go, but again as luck would have it, she did look my business up on facebook. Just in time for her to see I was talking about this cute mama I had met in the airport and ask the question to my likers, what is there to be afraid of. She even responded. She and I actually have friends in common, girls and guys we both knew in college, so I never even thought that she was the mama I had met at the airport, ha ha. Long story I know, but it just goes to show, you never know who you may already know.

Here are the mama I met in the airport in her adorable maternity photos. She totally rocked her session and was so beautiful with her proud belly and handsome hubby. I am thrilled that she called me and let me show her there is nothing to be scared of when it comes to maternity photography.

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Such a wonderful couple to photograph and I am so honored I got to be apart of their special time.

Spring Mini-Sessions – Northern Utah Photographer Cortney Jones

spring mini 2013

Finally! the weather is warming up and I am so happy because that means I can send my kiddos outside to play. Mama needs a quiet minute every once and awhile 🙂

It also means we can get out and do beautiful spring photos. Mini sessions are a great way to update the family photo, get some great shots of the kids that aren’t the school mug shots, and capture those sweet memories that are passing all too fast.

Call or Email me to book a session.

Be happy! Life is good 🙂