Garden walk – Pregnancy and maternity photography – Ogden Utah

My favorite quote to describe how I feel about bring little people into the world is by Elizabeth Stone, “Making the decision to have a baby is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” Before they go walking, I am so honored to get to document that they really were once growing inside a beautiful belly.

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Birth Story Photography – Ogden Regional – Cortney Jones

After meeting these sweet parents, I knew this birth story was going to be one of my all time favorites. I always say I am so honored to be apart of these moments with people and I really really am. I genuinely feel like I am so lucky and without words to describe how amazing it is to get to do what I love and document another persons new little love taking their first breath, feeling the air for the first time, seeing their mother with their fuzzy vision, and watching that recognition that babies have when they hear their mother’s voice. The moments that I capture are without compare.

Thank you so much for inviting me be apart of this amazing time in your life.


Sisters – Ogden Maternity Photography

Sisters having there first babies. What a joy! My own sister and I have our little girls just a few months apart. Now these two beauties will have the same, two sisters having little girl cousins just a few months apart. So much fun!

sisters-1  sisters-4   sisters-01  sisters-05

sisters-12sisters-7 sisters-07 sisters-08 sisters-09 sisters-10 sisters-11



If you and your sister or friend are having babies close together give me a call. 801.388.3384 We can combine the sessions! This is a special I am only offering to sisters and ‘sisters.’

Spring Mini-Sessions – Northern Utah Photographer Cortney Jones

spring mini 2013

Finally! the weather is warming up and I am so happy because that means I can send my kiddos outside to play. Mama needs a quiet minute every once and awhile 🙂

It also means we can get out and do beautiful spring photos. Mini sessions are a great way to update the family photo, get some great shots of the kids that aren’t the school mug shots, and capture those sweet memories that are passing all too fast.

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Be happy! Life is good 🙂

LOVE – Ogden Newborn Photography

This sweet sweet little one is the new baby in one of my favorite families. He is the little brother of this guy. He was super cute and honestly a newborn dream! He went to sleep and let me get all kinds of great shots. I love everything about Mom and Dad’s bedroom. Since this is where the family spends more of their time with a new babe in the house, it was fitting that we did the session here too.

Welcome to the world little Iikka. Thanks for making me look so good 🙂

Lottie – Birth Story Photography by Cortney Jones

I love my job! Birth stories are such an wonderful time to document happenings in your life. For me I always think I am aware of what is going on and that I will remember the details. Then I am so thankful that someone was photographing it because it really gives it perspective.

Lottie (my nick name for miss Charlotte) is gorgeous and was a surprise. Her parents didn’t know if they were having a girl or a boy.

Enjoy her coming into the world and her first bath 🙂

These stories are without a doubt AMAZING!

You want me to photograph your baby’s birth story? Shoot me an email and we can figure out all the deatils.

Welcome to the world Baby J – Birth Photography by Cortney Jones

I had the very special honor of being apart of a new person joining the world. Mom’s biggest worry…

What happens if I go into labor at 2am?

My phone is on and on me all day and all night. Call me, that is what I am here for.

Welcome little prince! It’s was so nice to meet you.

What if I end up having to have a scheduled C-section?
She did. And it was a beautiful part of the story. Just because your having a C-section doesn’t mean there is no longer a story to be told.