Newborn Session FAQ

what age is best for newborn photos? why?
6-10 days is the best time for newborn photos, because before 6 days mother’s do not always have their milk well established. This is important because if mama is breastfeeding, and it is before 6 days, baby probably hasn’t gotten a nice big full meal. After 6 days baby is a better eater and there is a good supply to feed from.
After 10 days old, babies have been outside the womb long enough that they begin to resist being curled up.
It is never too early to schedule your newborn session. Choose a tentative date near your due date and book the session today 801.388.3384

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  1. Hi,

    My name is chelsea. I’m due with my second little boy at the end of February and thinking about lining a photographer up so I can get that squared away. I didn’t see any pricing and was wondering if I could get that information from you.

    Thanks, chelsea

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