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I often get asked WHY? do I do what I do. And the better one of “I bet you just love your job?” I do, I really really do. Here’s why…

When my daughter was born I was in such awe of her. She made my whole world make sense in a way I don’t think I would understand without her. She is the most amazing thing I have ever created, my greatest accomplishment along with her three brothers. The story we tell her is that she was more beautiful than snow white, so we had to name her Winter.

This is the very first image ever taken of her,

she is less than 24 hours old and sporting the same sort of hospital blankets I have on in my first image after entering this world. The young woman that came into our hospital room to take her photos quickly fell short of capturing her beauty. The “photographer” laid a generic pink and blue plaid paper down on a hard hospital bassinet, put my daughter on top and snapped with a stationary camera that hung above my baby. My daughter’s in-hospital image is very similar to the one above. I asked the “photographer” if she was studying photography or if she wanted to be a nurse, she answered no to both. I then asked her if she loved babies, she responded with “it’s just a job.” I was heart broken that the young woman cared little for photography and seemingly less for my child.

I started doing in-hospital photography for my friends and family after that. I didn’t know what I was doing yet but I knew because I had studied photography and cared about babies; I could do a better job for them than the old way it had been being done for too many years. Soon I contracted with a hospital in Bountiful Utah. Then, when Lone Peak Hospital in Draper was opening they were asking around for all the greatest things in the hospitals around the area. They wanted to put all the best things at this one hospital for mommas. Me! I was one of the best things in the hospitals. Lone Peak contracted with me before they opened there doors to new mothers and I got to photograph the very first babies born there. I am now in several hospitals along the Wasatch Front and have been  for more than seven years.

I really feel like it is such a wonderful privilege to get to visit with families in this very special time at the hospital. I adore meeting all these new little people and getting to capture what they looked like when they made their parents into mommies and daddies.

Even hospitals I am not contracted with, I visit very often to do in-hospital photography for those that have requested my services. My maternity and newborn photography clients get a free in-hospital session when they book their studio newborn session.

   I still take images with the nostalgic pink and blue hospital blanket. But then we do the rest of the session like this… To book your session please contact Cortney Jones 801-388-3384

Mother Daughter Maternity Session

Just couldn’t get enough of this pair in a mother-daughter maternity session.  We’ve got one lucky mama because sweet girl is going to make the best big sister.

bouncin baby photography maternity session

maternity mother daughter session sweet kiss bouncin baby photography

Maternity portrait session utah with daughter

Bouncin’ Baby Photography provides professional photography services on location, in studio and at the hospital in Utah. To schedule an appointment, call 801.388.3384 or email Look forward to hearing from you.

In-hospital Newborn Photography – Northern Utah

Where are all the babies? I have seriously been so busy with families and children lately that I haven’t posted any teeny tiny babies lately. And they are my favorite! I am lucky enough that I get to photograph the teeniest of the tiniest on a daily basis. This is Jarvis, he is only one day old. This was an in-hospital session, were ALL of the photographs were taken right in the hospital room. Little man was so clam and oh so happy to be in mama’s arms. It was really beautiful.

Beautiful Story – Maternity Shoot

When we are growing up we here lots of stories. This mama has a beautiful one to tell her daughter, expected to arrive June 10th, about how she came to join their family. I’ll let her decide if she wants to tell it, but lets just say they were high school sweet-hearts. Melissa is one of those mamas that you know is going to be amazing. From the way she talked about having children before she was pregnant, to how she has enjoyed everything about her pregnancy. Her sweet nature and positive attitude is something to be admired and truly wonderful qualities to have in a mother. And she is stunning so that’s also great to have passed down from your mother. Cambree is a lucky little girl and I know these two will be two peas in a pod. So happy for you Lissy!


Wheeler Farm Tease – Salt Lake Utah

Even though I have lived in Utah for over 8 years now, I still discover beautiful places. Nicole introduced me to Wheeler Farm in Salt Lake. But beware, the tractors there are warned to be very speedy and may run you over. Not really, but that’s what we were told in an attempt to get some shots on the bridge.

click me, I get bigger

This shoot was a lot of fun. The rain made us have some interesting skies to play with. And as with most children, little man was the boss and dictated when we moved on from each site. He did a great job and has a sweet sweet smile. Nicole and Andrew are very loving parents. Watching them with their babe, I was all too happy to catch some of that on “film.”